Apr 21 2011

xml-matchers - Hamcrest Matchers for XML

I recently published a small, open source project that I’ve been messing around with for probably close to two years now but never got around to cleaning up and publishing. It’s called xml-matchers and is a collection of Hamcrest matchers for matching against XML documents. I primarily created it for testing but I’m sure you could find other uses for it. The project is hosted at Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/xml-matchers/.

The matchers allow you to do things like:

Source xml = ...
assertThat(xml, hasXPath("/mountains/mountain"));
Node xml = ...
String xml = "<mountains><mountain>K2</mountain></mountains>";
String xmlWithSpaceWrappingText = "<mountains><mountain>\n\tK2\n\t </mountain></mountains>";
assertThat(the(xml), isEquivalentTo(the(xmlWithSpaceWrappingText)));
Schema schema = w3cXmlSchemaFromClasspath("org/xmlmatchers/validation/example.xsd");
String xml = "<person private=\"true\"><name>Dave</name></person>";
assertThat(the(xml), conformsTo(schema));

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