Apr 19 2011

Presenting On TDD At The April NHJUG

It has certainly been a while since I’ve written anything here. Hopefully I have a bit more time to write soon.

In the meantime, I’m doing a talk on TDD at the April NHJUG in April 26th. Find out details of the time and place here. Come check out the talk if you are in the area. If you can’t make it, the NHJUG generally meets every month and has had some great speakers.

In my TDD talk, I’m planning on going into more detail than the other presentation I’ve posted, which had a lot of introductory material geared toward a less technical or more novice crowd. Depending on the audience, the plan of now is to still do a brief overview but will dive more quickly into the workflow of TDD. There will definitely be live coding to demonstrate this. I’ll also go into patterns, design tradeoffs, maintenance, and other topics. I’d also like to touch on how TDD fits into the continuous delivery lifecycle, again with some examples. If you are attending and have anything specific you’d like to discuss or have questions about, let me know and I’ll try to include something.