Hi there,  my name is David Ehringer.  Welcome to my blog.

By profession, I’m a software developer at a large Fortune 100 company and focus mainly on the architecture, development, evolution, and support of highly available, high-volume, business critical services that run across multiple datacenters and are used across the enterprise.  The majority of my work involves Java-based systems with bits and pieces of other languages thrown in for good measure.  I also get to do a bit of web development everyone once in a while.

Personally, I’m a big proponent of open-source software and the communities that support it.  I’m also an advocate for well designed, maintainable, performant systems that actually deliver the value that was advertised up front. For me that translates to leveraging test driven development and domain driven design principles, attempting to always write clean code, and generally pursing mindful software development.   My current interests include domain specific languages, alternative languages on the JVM, automated build and testing, and mobile development.

Outside of the software world, I have a runaway list of hobbies that includes hiking, skiing, photography, playing guitar, live music, biking, reading, traveling, and home renovations (and making sure I always have at least 5 unfinished projects going at once).  When I have the time, I also mess around with brewing beer and hard cider as well as woodturning (there is quite a thick layer of dust on my lathe right now).  If I could take an extended vacation right now, I’d probably head for the mountains and trek around the Himalayas.

If you are interested, you can check out my photos on Flickr.

huayna potosi About

The summit of Huayna Potosí in the Cordillera Real - 6,088 metres (19,974 ft)