Nov 14 2010

Overview Of TDD Presentation

Being the TDD proponent and enthusiast that I am, I’ve given my share of the requisite “What is TDD?” presentations. I’ve promised to share some of them but have never gotten around to it. So here is one I’ve given two or three times over the past year. I know there are a couple typos so please ignore them. Otherwise, feedback is always welcome!

The presentation is also available on Slideshare at

Nov 7 2010

Parameterized Tests in JUnit 4.x

Parameterized tests is one of the features that have come along in the JUnit 4.x releases that I don’t find myself using very often but when I do, I find tremendously useful. In a nutshell, parameterized tests allow you to run the same test over and over again using different values. I’ve found this approach very useful when you are testing a function and have a table of data defining the input value(s) and the expected result. That being said, parameterized tests can be used for testing more than just pure “functions.”

This post walks through a detailed example of using JUnit’s parameterized tests.

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